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Encouraging Customer Registration

One of the primary benefits of a Reward Program is the creation of a customer database and the ability to relate this to individual transaction patterns. has been designed to ensure that this customer data is captured and verified, but it can take time before the customer completes the registration since they are only required to complete this step in order to redeem their points (a feature that makes it more likely they will take the card in the first place).

If you want to get information more urgently than this what can you do to encourage registration?

Explain The Existing Benefits of Registration

Apart from collecting the rewards there are additional benefits to the customer by registering. A business can help encourage registration by emphasising some of these;

  • Protected Points: When a card is registered its points are safe. The customer can easily login and suspend their card if it is lost or stolen, thereby ensuring no-one else can use it. All they need to do is collect another card when it is convenient, transfer the points to it, and they continue as if nothing happened.
  • View their Transactions and Balance: Registered cardholders can log in at any time and see their current balance and all their transaction history.
  • Collect Points Without the Card: Even if a customer forgets their card they can collect their points as long as they are registered. The system lets you do a search for all your customers by surname – but this only works if we have the customers details. Once found you can then award them points as if they had brought the card with them.

Provide Additional Benefits

The system provides the above benefits to all registered customers. As a business you can also provide additional ones by adding benefits. Some examples include;

  • Unique Offers Make special offers available at short notice and inform only registered cardholders through email, SMS or built in NewsFlash mechanism.
  • Ongoing Offers Unlike the special offers you can make additional smaller offers available only to registered cardholders. For instance you can offer a
  • Draws and Competitions Enter registered cards into draws for goods, services or points. With the right promotion not only will these encourage people to register but can also generate publicity and work as a marketing tool
  • Bonus Points Offer bonus points on registration. These need to be significant enough to ensure they have value but they do not need to be extravagant.

Of course benefits will be no incentive if the customer does not know about them. You can let them know in the same way you communicate other information: direct mailings, signage in the premises, information leaflets, and informing customers personally when they collect points.

If none of this works there is one other thing you can do to ensure registration of all customers, even of the prevaricators…

Register the Customer Directly

Apart from explaining the benefits the most effective way to ensure a customer is registered is to remove the onus from them to do so. makes it easy to register your customers either at the time they are handed their card or at any transaction. Registration takes just seconds, only needs to be done once for each customer, and provides you with additions to your direct marketing list.

Registration will happen so don’t worry if it takes time. However if you feel you’re not getting as many registrations as you want the tips above will help. As with all such programs what you get out of it is related to what you put in…repeatedly promote the program and you will get much better results than simply dumping cards at the end of a counter and expecting customers to actively seek out information.