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Handling Refunds


Cork Independent Site of the Week

It was just pointed out to me today that was selected as the Cork Independent Site of the Week in June. They had a short review that focused on the sites usefulness to consumers and noted how easy it was for users to manage their various Reward Cards on the site.

The interface is something we give serious though to when introducing any features. Having been involved in web design for some time I am a big believer in keeping things simple and obvious. Too many times website designers focus on the graphics and not on the navigation and clarity of the site. This might be fine for a site that is intended purely for entertainment but it does not work for functional sites such as ours. Especially one with such a wide age demographic. That is why we have resisted the temptation to add animations and other flashiness.

The selection was made in their June 17 edition though I didn’t hear about it until yesterday. I can’t say with any certainty but I assume that the writer of the piece hold cards from some of our clients so it’s nice to see that our approach to the interface is one that does resonate with the general public.