Monthly Archives: September 2010

Reducing Card Registration Errors

We’re continually looking for ways to make using easier for cardholders and our own clients. One of the ways we do this is by getting feedback from businesses and cardholders. But we also take proactive steps to monitor the issues that might arise.

Recently we got some feedback that there were small number of customers who were having trouble registering their cards; some said they were getting already registered messages while others were being told that the card didn’t exist. Even though the numbers of people having difficulty were just a tiny percentage we were obviously interested to see how we could reduce this.

The first thing we did was to edit the code so that it would write the details of all failed registrations to a new database. From here we could examine the issues. 
It turned out that 70% of the problems were due to people confusing the zero in a serial number with the letter O. So we’ve put in a fix;
  • There is now a notice on the registration page that explains the serial consists of 6 letters followed by 5 numbers.
  • The code has been rewritten to adapt and accept swapped zeroes and O’s. If a person for instance enters the serial MA0HJKOO123 instead of MAOHJK00123 the software will now recognise the error and convert the serial number to the correct version. This applies to all places where the customer enters the serial number, not just registration.

These two changes (one simple the other more complicated) should cut the number of customers experiencing trouble to the 30% of those who, the data tells us, try to re-register their card. We’ll keep tracking the process and see if we can find a way to reduce this number further. We will also be introducing the code changes into the business section over the next few weeks, allowing the system to adapt if for instance you enter the wrong format when awarding points.

The feedback we receive from our clients and the cardholders is critical in making improvements to the system so please don’t hesitate to drop an email or give us a ring if you see any issues.